Factors to Consider Before Using a Can Opener

Although can openers are usually simple devices to operate, there are few major safety issues that one should consider before buying one. While it is crucial for everyone, it becomes more sensitive where children and elders are involved in using them. Can making machines manufacture tins with different types of lids. Opening or closing these lids, therefore, require the aid of a can opener to retrieve the product packed inside. Below are some of the tips that you should emphasize before purchasing a can opener.

Type of edges created by the can opener

Among the major risks that people face when using can openers are the sharp edges formed after cutting open the can lid. It is more dangerous if the opened cans are at any point to be touched by little kids as they can cause serious injuries. It is therefore vital to focus on can openers that form smooth edges which often cut from below the upper rim other than cutting directly into the lid. There are also some improved models of can openers in the market that allow the removal of the lid other than cutting it. For guaranteed safety even when using openers that cut smooth edges, it is important to avoid touching the lids with bare hands as there may be some sharp endings that are not visible.

Locking mechanism

It may not seem crucial, but having a can opener that ensures a tight lock is a key safety feature. Can openers with a poor grip may easily slip off while locking the can which can cause the scrapping of your hands. It is, therefore, necessary to consider the models that create a secure lock to prevent any chance of injuring your hands. The locking mechanism is a feature that many may ignore when purchasing a can opener but it ensures safety when locking the cans. But that depends of the materials used for constructing the can. Tin cans are a nit a big problem.

Mode of turning

A good can opener should have a knob that can easily turn while using it. An opener with a knob that is hard to turn may force the user to exert a lot of pressure which may result in accidents such as slipping off and hurting from the can. An easy opener knob preserves the amount of strength used thereby avoiding arm aches. However, the strength used should also be measured depending on the material tin cans are made from.

The strength of the opener

Depending on the type of product being packed, some cans are made from a very strong material or reinforced with pressure to avoid damage. Can maker machines may also manufacture strong and tight lids that may prove difficult to open. Such lids require strong can openers to handle them properly as weak ones can break and result to safety issues such as deep cuts or scrapes. But you must ensure the material used can withstand extra force.


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