Can making machine seaming

A can making machine is made up of a series of process and machines that enable the production of cans. These processes have been integrated to ensure the whole process is smooth and quick. A can making machine can make round cans, mints cans, irregular cans and rectangular cans using a different production line. The general processes of making cans are:

  • Can body making
  • Slitting
  • Beading
  • Top curling
  • Necking
  • Seaming
  • Flanging
  • Bottom making
  • Lid making

In this article, we are giving insights on how seaming is done during the production of cans.

What is can seaming?

Can seaming process involve joining the lid or the bottom to the can body. At times the lid and bottom, unlike the rest of the body is made of steel as a preventing measure.  Seaming a can should be done in such a way that the final product will be leak proof. Normally this process is done mechanically by overlapping two layers to create something like a hook. Under different conditions, different parameters have to be taken into account to ensure the “hook” meets the required standards.

Under double seaming, a seam is obtained by interlocking five materials; two layers done on the can body and three in the lid. Double seaming depends on several factors that include quality of seaming machine, the condition of seaming rolls, lifter pressure and others.

The overall shape of the double seaming is usually determined by the shape of the relative position and the roll profile. During this process, the seaming machine holds the can body as the roll is rotated around. In the first instance, the roll will fold the lid when during the second instance the roll will tighten it forming a seam.

To avoid problems, you should be careful when making the first operation of folding the lid or bottom to avoid issues like leaks and wrinkles. As much as the first operation determines the shape of the final product, parameters such as relative distances, position, pressure and lifter height should also be taken into account.


Apart from making cans, seaming applications include:

  • Automotive filter
  • Capacitors
  • Drums
  • Automotive mufflers

When choosing a can making machine, it is good to take into account the shape of the cans you want for your application. These machines come in various sizes with different features. It is also good to get a machine that has processes integrated into one for quick production.  


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