Benefits of Metal Cans Over Plastic Cans

Historically, metal has always been used when designing parts of the needs to withstand the test of time. With the advancement of technology, some industries have tried to replace metal with plastics. Even though metal might not be the flamboyant material in packaging today, it is an indispensable product for both industries and consumers because its qualities cannot be found in any other materials. Below are some benefits of using metal cans instead of plastic cans.


Metal cans have been efficient in storage and preservation of food. They protect food from light and air, therefore, can be kept for a long time without getting spoiled. Using the tin can making machine, containers made of tin are heavier thus making them more durable and resistant to corrosive properties of acidic food.  Tin cans are often used to package food, while aluminum cans are more often used to package beverages like soda and beer. On the other hand, plastic cans have a short cycle period and therefore, less durable compared to metal cans.


Modern technology has led to a lot of advancement especially in the recycling of materials. Steel and aluminum cans are easy to recycle with no loss of quality, unlike plastics which must not be mixed. It is therefore difficult with plastics as it is impossible to tell the type of material by sight or touch. By recycling of these metal cans, it creates employment to those acquiring and selling scrap metals to the recycling facilities. It also reduces environmental damages caused by mining hence sustainable. That is not the same with plastic which loses value with every recycling.

Environmental impact

Plastic cans take a long time to decompose, and their photodegradation releases toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment. It becomes difficult for all people to adhere to the importance of recycling, therefore, increases garbage and consequently polluting the environment. Additionally, most plastic cans and bottles are thin and porous. Their quality lowers during the recycling process, meaning its value continues to decrease with reuse.

Metal cans, on the other hand, are cost-effective since one can reuse them without exhausting its value. They are also easily recycled since many of them are picked up by do-gooders and profiteers; moreover, metal cans can deteriorate through a natural process.


The raw materials that are used to make metal cans: aluminum and steel, are highly effective as opposed to plastics since they maintain their physical properties forever even after recycling into new products without losing their inherent properties. They are also sustainable as they require less energy to recycle thereby saving over 90% of energy that could have otherwise be used to manufacture cans from new materials. If you are using plastic, then you will not enjoy these benefits.

These are some of the major benefits of using metal packaging such as tin cans over the plastic. With glocal warming being as issue, can packages is the most eco-friendly packaing method that everyone should adopt. Metal packaging is also cheap in the longrun.


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